Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Justice for the Unborn" pro-life song by David MacDonald

In the US and many other Western countries abortion is legal. In the Philippines abortion is ILLEGAL. And it should ALWAYS be illegal. Abortion should never be legal because it is murder of the unborn child. Abortion should never be part of health care as it kills life. Abortion is never an act of compassion because it inflicts unspeakably horrible violence on an unborn baby.

This song is from the website of David MacDonald:

Justice for the Unborn

by David MacDonald ©2007

In Florida, Feb 21, 2007, Amillia Sonja Taylor, born at 21 weeks and 6 days, went home. She was the most premature baby ever born. She made front page news and opened up a public debate on abortion in Britain, the US and other countries. This song is dedicated to her.

Amillia Taylor

Born at 21 weeks
The papers showed your tiny feet
People talking all about
You in the streets

They couldn’t understand it
How this miracle occurred
You gave your voice
To a million still unheard

In that hospital
Where they saved your precious life
Two floors up
They give another child the knife


In the face of innocence
Justice in a political storm
In the age of decadence
Justice for the unborn

A tiny prophet crying
For a generation lost
Your life is a reflection
Of what this thing has cost

Thank you for your courage
You came though and showed us life
Amillia, you have shown us
what is wrong and what is right

The law has failed the Truth
But the Truth will never bend
40 years we’re fighting
We’ll stand here ‘til the end

There will come a day when all will understand
What it truly means to have freedom in this land


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