Saturday, December 22, 2007

View this video of the book "Justice Loves Babies"

Justice Loves Babies is a book written by Darlene and Danielle Wibetoand it is illustrated by Sarah Atkinson.......

Justice Loves Babies is a precious children's story that emphasizes the worth of life and the impact of prayer. In this picture book the main character "Justice" refers to the child in his mother's womb "Destiny" as a living person. Justice eagerly waits for the birth of his sister Destiny and wants to help his father, who is a Doctor bring Destiny to life outside of the womb.

View the video on the myspace page of Justice Loves Babies at this link:

This is a comment on the book by Lou Engle from the link above:

“For every move of justice someone has to print it,someone has to pray it, someone has to praise it, someone has to prophesy it. Danielle and Darlene have written a children’s book that I believe can start a children’s prayer movement to end one of the greatest injustices of our day- abortion .This is a God inspired and beautiful book. It makes me want to pray for every unborn child’s destiny." – Lou Engle, The Call