Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Letter to Jennylyn Mercado

Dear Jennylyn,

The news about your pregnancy was featured on primetime news programs on TV and on radio programs. It must have been very difficult for you when you found out you were pregnant. You had your career ahead of you. You had many projects and guestings lined up already. Your family needed your financial support. You and Patrick were not yet married.

Yet when you found out you were pregnant, you and Patrick chose the difficult, unpopular choice: to keep your baby and not have an abortion. I admire you and your courage. You chose life instead of death. You chose your baby's life over this stage of your career. You chose to keep your baby against all odds, even choosing to suffer your family's disappointment and heartache instead of ending the life of your baby. I admire Patrick for standing by you and not forcing you to have an abortion. I admire your parents and your manager for honoring your decision. You know what, Jennylyn, your career is not yet over. It will just be put on hold for a few months. Then you can resume your career. I pray that GMA 7 management will treat you graciously and show you favor and grace in the face of what has happened to you, because you have honored your baby's life above yourself. May your baby be as beautiful as you.

You know that you have sinned against God because you had sexual relations outside of marriage. The Lord meant for sexual relations to be within marriage, that's His design for mankind. Yet now, you are pregnant as a result of what you did. You should confess to God your sin that you may receive His forgiveness. But pregnancy is not a sin. Your baby is a blessing, even if he or she was conceived outside of marriage.

I pray God will give you wisdom about what you will do in the next few months. I pray He will give your doctor wisdom on how to take care of you. I pray He will keep you and your baby healthy and strong. I pray He will provide your needs. Take care.

-Dr. Melissa A. Poblete