Monday, January 28, 2008

The Moses Generation

The Moses Generation

I was reading Exodus in my study bible (the NIV Study Bible) then I saw a sidebar among the footnotes on Moses. It says there:
Name suggests: "draw out" (Moses sounds like the Hebrew for draw out)
Birth data: Born under a death sentence, Moses was saved through God's grace amd his own mother's courage (Exodus 2:1-10)
I believe this young generation is a Moses generation. The ones who were born in countries with legalized abortion were essentially born under a death decree. (Ex. Roe v. Wade in the USA)

But this young generation has been drawn out of the Nile (symbolizing death, because the Israelite baby boys were to be thrown into the Nile as part of Pharaoh's decree). They have been drawn out from death, because their courageous parents chose life for them.

The footnotes on Exodus2:10 in my study bible also reveal something interesting. It says:
" Moses. The name, of Egyptian origin means "is born".

This young generation is a "born" generation, the one Satan tried to annihilate through abortion. The generation that has not been annihilated by the "death decree" abortion laws of its nation, the survivors, the "drawn-out" generation, will be the instrument in God's hands to speak out against, siege for, war over, and overturn the death decrees.

Lord, raise up your Moses generation among the youth of the world to overturn the death decrees in their nations!