Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Precious Little Ones -poem from Stand

There are some who say, “There is no God!”

They walk as a fool down the path they trod.

They say, “Of that Jesus I can’t find a trace!”

As he smiles at them through a baby’s face.

They look at a rose and only see thorns

They can’t see the preciousness of a life unborn.

To them an unborn child, “It is just a blob!”

And to hide their sin, its life they’ll rob.

We’ve legalized murder through courts so depraved

Now millions of little people go to their graves.

Sin knows no limits in a cold black heart

When a mother lets abortionist rip her baby apart!

With pain they jerk and twist in the womb

While a murderer called “Doctor” brings on their doom.

Oh!, My God!, My God!, I wished they could see

The depravity of mankind and hear their babies plea!

Life or Death?, the unborn child is given no choice

They cannot speak for they yet have no voice.

One day Jesus will come back to this earth

And avenge all these little ones killed before birth.

My heart grieves for all these little ones

As I hug and squeeze my own little son!

As I look into his bright blue eyes

With his face so precious I’ve often cried.

I bow my head and thank the Lord above

For sending my precious little ones for me to love.

Oh! Dear mother what joy they could be!

If your heart could hear that silent plea of:

“I love you mommy, please birth me!”

One child is worth more than all the gold

And each one lost is a story untold!

-by Lewis Thomas