Saturday, January 12, 2008

To all pregnant girls who are thinking of an abortion , PLEASE READ THIS

This was written by Kathy di Fiore, an American woman, Founder of Several Sources Foundation Pregnancy Shelters. To all pregnant girls who are thinking of an abortion , PLEASE READ THIS:

Dear Friend,

We hope these stories will help you and give you some ideas on what to say or do....if you have to tell your parents that you are pregnant. Don't forget to pray and ask God to guide and please do have someone you trust there to help you and your parents, too.

Pray and remember that God will send His Most Holy Spirit to inspire and help you through all these troubled times. Try to have a little faith in Him and know that he loves you so very much for choosing life for your preborn child. He knows what suffering is all about.

Remember how much He suffered when He was in the Garden just before His Crucifixion? Remember how hard He prayed to His Heavenly Father for help?

And when all His friends kept falling asleep, God sent Jesus Angels to minister to Him... to help Him. Pray... very hard .... and I know God will send you the strength and the wisdom to handle this pregnancy. He will send people to help you, too. Just look around you .... sometimes the person is right under our nose... and we don't even realize it until we pray to God... then He opens our eyes..

Please know YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.... God is always with you.... in a very special place... He is in your heart waiting to hear your voice in prayer to Him. He loves you so very much that He died for you and for your little preborn baby in order to open the Gates of Heaven and redeem you all of us from our sins. Your faith may be as tiny as a mustard seed which is about the size of a little dot... but Jesus said that with just faith that tiny...

"With God all things are possible." You are going to have a baby and you will have your parents support... eventually. Just reread all these letters and know that there are many more letters that we could send you. They all say similar things.

Trust in God. Email me if you need any help. Together .... you.... me.... your baby... and God.... we can get through this.... we can move this mountain!!! And a year from now when you are holding your beautiful baby, you will join the countless number of mothers who have come to me for help and say, "I am so happy I had my baby." all my 16 years of helping mothers have I ever had ever one mother come back to me and say....that she wished she never had her baby.

But I have had too many women come back to me after deciding to have an abortion and ask me for help to heal the pain. Please trust in God ....He who made the Heavens and the earth and the angels... and all of mankind...He can help make this "little" problem in your life right now easier. Be patient...pray.... and have faith and He will help you though it all.