Friday, February 29, 2008

Buying the domain name and how our Pro-life Ministry started out

Through Yahoo domain names (in Yahoo Small Business), I was able to purchase the domain name for our Blogger homepage, The domain name is easier to remember of course and will help our future readers recall our website URL more easily.

Filipino Youth 4 Life is organized by Christian Pro-life Resources for the Philippines.Filipino Youth 4 Life started as a blog to inform the youth about the sanctity of life and to let them be aware of the humanity of the unborn and how wrong abortion is. Now the Lord has placed in my heart to make a mailing list, to keep the youth informed about pro-life teachings, quotes, events. In the future, as the Lord will increase our network and extend our influence, we will hold a pro-life youth congress for Christians.

Christian Pro-life Resources also started as a blog(around Oct 2006). Then the Lord gave us the idea to reproduce fliers about the diary of an unborn baby in January 2007. We have produced 14,000 pieces to this date and have distributed them all over the country. To our knowledge, 4 babies have been saved by the fliers. We know of four instances (it was just shared to us) wherein a mom in a crisis pregnancy read our flier and after reading,decided to keep her baby. Those babies are all worth it!

In September 2007 we held a two-day pro-life multimedia exhibit and mini-concert at Emilio AGuinaldo College. We featured 8 pieces of pro-life artwork by E.R. Arroyo, my friend, and displayed pro-life picture collages on large tarpaulins.We had a tabletop display of rubber fetal models also.

In October 2007, at the Jesus Revolution Now Convergence in Baguio City, our pastor, Pastor Jerome Ocampo, allowed us to share to the delegates about our ministry. The Lord put in our hearts that we should start a Christian pregnancy resource center soon to help single moms and girls in crisis pregnancies by providing vitamins, diapers and baby clothes. We put up two cellphone numbers for counselling women in crisis pregnancies.

This February 2008 we had another run of the pro-life exhibit, this time for 5 days, at the PUP College of Engineering.

Just today the Lord opened an opportunity for me to speak on the Sanctity of Life at the Philippine Christian University auditorium. My topic was "The Precious Gift of Life- The Sanctity of Life from the Medical and Biblical Viewpoint". The Lord gave me the words and the message to was His lecture. I had a different outline, but as I was making the slides the Lord spoke to my heart what to say.

We delight to serve God's heart and we are excited with what the Lord is doing! As the Lord leads us to more open doors and gives us more of His manifold wisdom in order to rescue the unborn generation,we just surrender all to the Lord and we gladly obey His leading. 1 Samuel 14:6 says "Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few." The Lord's plan and purpose is to save the unborn, and we will willingly participate with God in His plan!