Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How to Put Up A Pro-life Club

Generations for Life is a pro-life website for teens and youth in the US.

They have a Generations for Life curriculum which they are selling, but they have posted the first three chapters online on their website as PDF files.

  • The first chapter is "Why A Pro-life Club?". Since the manual is for American youth, it basically states that through a pro-life club a young person can influence his classmates with the culture of life, since abortion is legal in the USA due to the "culture of death". Abortion is illegal in the Philippines, but Hollywood exports its immorality and culture of death to the Philippines, so the threat of the infiltration of the pro-abortion culture of death is very real for us. Filipinos must continually reject abortion. One way to keep the culture of life dominant in our young people is through a pro-life club.You can download the PDF file of "Why A Pro-Life Club" here . You will need Adobe Reader software, which can be downloaded for free.
  • The second chapter is "Starting A Pro-life Club". This is very helpful regardless what country you may come from.
  • The third chapter is "Life Topics". Again, this is tailored for the American situation, but nevertheless abortion is not an "American issue" but an issue of life and death and the shedding of innocent blood. Many of the topics can be used in the Philippines as well.
I hope these will help our Filipino youth put up their own pro-life clubs.