Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beautiful Seed- Live performance with band and strings.-Corrinne May's concert in SG

Corrinne May: "I decided to name my new album and also this next song "Beautiful Seed" becuase i think the seed is such a beautiful metaphor for ourselves and our lives. We start off being really really tiny and really small, very insignificant actually that you even need an ultrasound to see that little dot in the mother's womb. But then all the potential for who we are and who we will be is already there and that's so amazing to me.. that everything that we are , we just came from that small insignificant seed. And I was inspired because oftentimes we think that you know, we're just one person, what can we do,but I look at the Mahatma Gandhis of the world,and the Mother Teresas , and you know, it's just amazing how one person can make a difference. I think it's good to remember that. So this song is called "Beautiful Seed"."

This video is "Corrinne May's performance of 'Beautiful Seed' at the sold-out 'Beautiful Seed' concert held at the UCC Hall in Singapore on the 3rd of August 2007. Corrinne is accompanied by a string ensemble and her 5-piece band." - from youtube at