Friday, April 11, 2008

Bella: a pro-life movie from Hollywood

Bella is a life-affiriming movie that was shown in North America in 2007. It's about a friendship between a chef and a waitress at a Mexican restaurant in New York City. The waitress is pregnant (NOT by the chef) and is fired by the restaurant owner, the chef's brother, for always being late. The chef follows the waitress and they talk and they meet the chef's family. The waitress keeps her baby in the end. It is a clean movie because no sex is ever seen or depicted or implied. It is hailed by pro-life organizations because it upholds life. View the movie review of Christian on Bella.

The picture above is from Jaeson Ma's blog, it is from the "Bella 10 movement". According to Jaeson Ma, who sang "Justice from Heaven", Bella has saved 13 babies already from abortion. 13 women have decided to keep their babies after watching Bella. Bella will be avaible in DVD in the U.S. soon, and the Bella 10 movement aims to mobilize people to buy and watch and give away the DVD to encourage people with its pro-life message.