Saturday, June 14, 2008

In Australia: Emily's Voice Pro-life Website

This is the text from the Emily's Voice website

"Emily’s Voice aims to:

* Be motivated by love for the both the mother and unborn child.

* Help every Australian fall in love with the unborn.

* Shine a bright light on the dark side of the womb.

Emily represents at least 80,000 little Australian each year who won’t be given the chance to experience life outside the womb.

Emily represents an entire primary school of Aussie children who are lost every day through abortions.

Our nation desperately needs to discover Emily and the 80,000 unborn children she represents. To discover love, to discover beauty and to discover life itself.

Motivated by love the mother and the unborn child, Emily’s Voice strives to take our nation on this journey of discovery.

We aim, with your help, to give Emily a voice."

They also have a "Discover Emily" media campaign wherein the organizers of Emily's Voice shows a video of an unborn baby ("Emily") on TV.