Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Pro-Life Batik Artwork

I made this batik "artwork" (obviously amateur) on a cotton throw pillow case when we went to a beach resort located south of Manila last December 2007.

I patterned it after the Philippine flag, but I put the word "JUSTICE" in the blue part and an outline of an unborn baby and an outline of the Cross of Jesus above it. The blue part of our flag signifies peacetime. But I placed Justice there because the unborn babies cry out for justice even in peacetime. It is the Lord, represented by the Cross, who will give them Justice. I then put "LIFE" in the red part, red signifying the blood of the unborn babies and the word "LIFE" being a prophetic word being spoken over the unborn babies and their mothers. The red part of the Philippine flag actually signifies wartime. In fact during wartime the Philippine flag should be hoisted with the red part on top. But for this batik artwork I made, red signifies Christians warring in prayer and intercession for the unborn babies and their mothers.