Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Answer to President Ramos

This is the Inbox question for today in the Phil. Star (July 13):

"Do you agree with former President Fidel Ramos that the GMA government's family planning program is "weak"?"

This is my answer: ( I emailed it to the Philippine Star, I don't know if they will ever print it.)

No. A family planning program that upholds life and does not serve the interests of contraceptive manufacturers is not weak. As a Protestant myself, I say Ramos should stop blaming the Catholic Church. The reason why there is hunger in the Philippines is not because we are too many. And it is not the Catholic Church's fault either. It's because there is lack of distribution of wealth between the rich and the poor. It's because of the greed and plunder of past government leaders. It's because of the continued greed of many government officials who steal from the coffers of the nation. We must not blame the children for being too many. People are the riches of a nation. More people means more labor, more consumers, and a bigger market. People are human resources, not burdens. If there were absolutely no corruption, the Philippines would not be as poor as it is now, and no one will be blaming the population. The solution to hunger is not to decrease the number of mouths, but to increase production and improve access to food.

from: Dr. Melissa A. Poblete, Quezon City


Population control is not Biblical because it views children as a burden and pregnancy as a curse/disease.Population control encourages abortion and does not prevent it. In some countries, abortion is part of population control. Population control in the Bible was done by Pharaoh in Moses' time and by Herod in the Lord Jesus' time. Psalm 127 says "sons are a heritage from the Lord, children are a reward from Him".

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