Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No to the Reproductive Health Bill by Rep. Lagman!

The lines have been drawn. The Catholic Church has taken a firm stand against the population control bill which is now being pushed in Congress.

The population controllers have aimed their big guns at the Catholic church in order to gain public support for their bill.

As a Protestant Christian, I oppose the bill and I take the same stand as the Catholic church and I stand with them as they uphold life and as they take an uncompromising stand on abortion.

I oppose the bill because:

1) It condones abortion; yet abortion is A CRIME. The bill even says so, that abortion remains illegal. However, it has a provision that says "government shall ensure that women seeking care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, compassionate, and non-judgmental manner." Rep. Lagman says the bill has nothing to do with abortion.If so, why include this provision? It is already in practice. Hospitals already care for those who have aborted/killed their babies through abortifacient drugs and the use of "hilot". Why make it into law, when abortion is a CRIME?

If the bill is for "Reproductive Health and Population Development", why include post-abortion complications, knowing that abortion is illegal? Why make it into law? What do post-abortion complications have to do with population development, which is what they say the country needs?

2)It mandates the government and employers to supply contraceptives, including abortifacients, to the people . Contraceptives include IUDs, condoms and birth control pills. Birth control pills and IUDs can cause death of an embryo.

Artificial contraceptives: there are two kinds:
  • one that prevents conception(like condoms) and
  • one that kills the embryo before it implants by making the uterus hostile to the embryo (IUDs, birth control pills).

Life begins AT CONCEPTION, therefore, anything that kills a CONCEIVED life, whether that human life is called an embryo or is called a fetus, causes ABORTION.

So, as the condom is not an abortifacient, birth control pills have such an abortifacient effect. Birth control pills are not that effective in stopping ovulation, and pill manufacturers know it makes the uterine lining hostile to an embryo. The IUD is not a chemical abortifacient, but it acts by irritating the uterine lining in order to make the uterus hostile to an embryo. So it causes death of an embryo.

3) It mandates comprehensive sex education from 5th grade. That means children will be taught a contraceptive lifestyle, an immoral lifestyle focusing on "safe sex" and encouraging "experimentation". Sex is designed by God only for married couples (a man and a woman). Our children need CHASTITY EDUCATION focused on Biblical principles, not comprehensive sex education.

4) It has included a "two-child policy". Rep. Lagman says it is not mandatory. Excuse me, but if it is not mandatory, why put it into law? The two-child policy outlined in the bill actually will allow for government educational scholarship opportunities for only the first two children. If you make this into a law, you will FORCE people to either use contraceptives or to kill their children through abortion.

5) It lets leftist, godless, rabidly pro-abortion NGOs become part of a "population council" on local government levels. So it lets the pro-abortion people run the population control program. Google-search the NGOs backing this population bill and see how staunchly pro-abortion they are. (ex. Family Planning Organization of the Philippines, the Philippine office of International Planned Parenthood Federation. Planned Parenthood is the LARGEST ABORTION CLINIC OPERATOR in AMERICA.)

6) It provides punishment to people who will criticize, disagree with and disobey the "population law" and its policies. Very undemocratic.

To all Protestant, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Methodist, Baptist Christians: WE MUST TAKE A STAND AGAINST ABORTION. Abortion is the shedding of innocent blood. It violates the Sixth Commandment, "You shall not murder".The Lord hates hands that shed innocent blood.

Government- mandated population control is not Biblical because Psalm 1273:-5 says:
Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
children a reward from him.

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
are sons born in one's youth.

Blessed is the man
whose quiver is full of them.
They will not be put to shame
when they contend with their enemies in the gate.

Government-mandated population control was done in the Bible by Pharaoh in the time of Moses ("the Hebrews are becoming too many, kill them as they are born and throw them in the river") and by Herod in the time of the Lord Jesus (for he heard from the Magi that the King they had come to worship was born in Bethlehem.)

One unsuccessful population control law was issued in the time of Esther. The death decree issued by Haman to kill all the Jews was overturned by God through an orphan, Esther, as she risked her life again and again to approach the king of Persia under penalty of death, for the sake of her people.