Friday, July 25, 2008

The Population is not the Problem

Population per se is not the problem hindering our economic development as population controllers claim. And it is so discriminatory to the poor to say that they are too many. What about the well-known Senator and his alleged 81 children? Why don't they legislate against that? Because he's rich? You cannot have a law that applies to only one socio-economic class. Hunger and poverty are caused by many factors, and they cannot be blamed on population alone nor be solved by population control.

To aim to reduce the number of mouths to feed is not the solution to hunger or poverty. All the more so because the means they want to use to reduce the number of mouths involves the death of the innocent. Let all the corrupt officials return the money they have stolen, and we will have more than enough to feed our countrymen.

But even if they don't repent and return the money, as Christians, as long as we live, we must still hold them accountable to the word of God, whether about stealing and greed or about killing the innocent. We must still be the salt and light of the earth and expose the deeds of darkness, whether or not they repent of their greed.

Protestants/Christians should also speak up against population control and abortion and its attempted institutionalization through the proposed bill, and not be quietly staying on the sidelines as the Catholic church speaks up against population control and abortion. Christians must know that abortion is not a "Catholic" issue, but the shedding of innocent blood in the Lord's eyes.