Saturday, August 9, 2008

High-Tech Birth Control: Health Care or Health Risk?- fr. CWA website

The Reproductive Health Bill being pushed in our Congress wants to include contraceptives as "essential medicines". Instead of allowing Filipino citizens to choose what safe and moral family planning method they want, the Bill will force employers to buy contraceptives for their employees and will make the government import all these contraceptives to the tune of a 2-billion-peso budget. Why does the government need to do this? Is pregnancy is a disease? Why not focus on the top ten causes of sickness and death in the Philippines? Why make abortifacient contraceptives like the pill and the IUD part of "essential medicines"?

Here is a pdf file(Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat is needed to view it) from the Concerned Women of America website. (CWA was founded by Beverly La Haye, wife of Tim La Haye of the "Left Behind" books) Read it at this link: Birth Control:Health Care of Health Risk?