Sunday, August 3, 2008

What About the Babies?

Another spate of press releases were churned out this past week by the proponents of the Reproductive Health Bill. They either extol the bill and its alleged "benefits" to the nation and/or attack the Catholic church.

Why is the reproductive health bill of such grave importance to these people? It has a budget of 2 Billion pesos. Who stands to gain primarily from the importation of contraceptives? These are the contraceptive manufacturers and the suppliers of contraceptives. And they want to legalize "post-abortion care" .(Care? For the mom maybe. What about the baby? Who cares about the baby whose life has been ended by his mom and by whoever forced the mom to kill her baby? What about the baby's life?) Who stands to earn from post-abortion care? Doctors who will remove the remains of the dead babies?And also suppliers of manual vacuum aspirators and paraphernalia which, incidentally, are also used for carrying out abortions in other countries.

Why legalize post-abortion "care", when it is already being done in our hospitals? Legalizing it will put funds into it and will punish non-obedience to the law. But the legalization of post-abortion "care" itself DISREGARDS the baby's life. Killing of babies through abortion is a crime in the Philippines, the law upholds the baby's life. It makes the mom who aborted and the abortionist who carried it out, liable and accountable to the law for killing the baby.

There was a story in the Philippine Inquirer, last July 29, on page 4, entitled "RP Catholics bash groups against contraceptive ban". It said there, "The Catholic Church...views abortion as a grievous sin."

It made me think---abortion is a grievous sin, even for the Protestants and Christians! This is not a "view" as the writer of the story put it. Has abortion just become an "issue" where people take sides or opposing views? As far as the Bible is concerned, abortion is a terrible sin against God, it is murder, it is the shedding of innocent blood. Murder itself is an act of hatred toward God because God created life, and only He can say when a life is to end. Innocent blood cries out to God for justice, like Abel's blood did when his brother Cain killed him.

So I say, what about the babies? Their blood cries out to God for justice. Post-abortion "care" must not be legalized. This population control bill in our country must now be the stimulus for Protestant Christians and Christian churches all over the country to take a stand for life, and not just sit on the fence while the Catholic church is taking a beating in the media.