Monday, September 15, 2008

Singapore: Regrets of a child of 'stop-at-two' era (from

Population control advocates like to cite Singapore with its two-child policy(stop-at-two policy) and its economic prosperity as a role model for the Philippines. They like to point out how "poor" the Philippines is compared to Singapore because Singapore has managed its population well.

For those who have been misinformed, did you know that now Singapore is now giving away "baby bonuses" to encourage births? why? they need to import "brains" (some are Filipinos, who went to SIngapore not because they couldn't find a job here but because SIngapore needed them) because they have few young adults.

Here is an opinion, from the Straits TImes newspaper, sent by my Christian friend from SIngapore:

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Sep 6, 2008 News: Regrets of a child of 'stop-at-two' era

I WAS born in the 'stop-at-two' era, and am the younger of two siblings. My mother followed the recent baby bonus updates sardonically, and here is why.

My mother was pressured heavily when she was pregnant with her third child. Whether it was a boy or girl, she never got to find out as the pressure on her was so great (nurses chiding her to follow the law, having to pay a fine should she produce more than two) that she had an abortion a few weeks after she found out about her pregnancy. Had she not aborted that child, I would have a younger sibling of age 25 years, who would have helped to boost Singapore's economy in one way or another.

The reproductive health bill being pushed in our congress by Rep. Lagman "suggests" a two-child policy. (My question: if it is just a "suggestion", why put it into law?)

Do we really want to go Singapore's way?

People are human resources. They are the riches of a nation.

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3