Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Losing Ground - Moving Forward" by Jim Lamb

I am posting this article "Losing Ground- Moving Forward by Jim Lamb of Lutherans for Life in the USA. This was written in the context of the recently held US national and local elections. He wrote that even if pro-abortion politicians get elected and abortion laws get enacted, the value of life itself does not diminish.

The more the Church, the body of Christ, must shine the light of the word of truth and expose deeds of darkness for what they are.

The popularity of what is wrong does not diminish the truth of the word of God.

We have to be the salt and light in a decaying and dark generation, even if being salt and light is unpopular.

We are to be witnesses for God's truth, whether or not we are liked for doing so.

Losing Ground - Moving Forward by Jim Lamb, Director, Lutherans for Life

Respect for the value of human life lost more ground yesterday:

*We elected the most pro-abortion president ever to sit in the White House.
*The State of Washington legalized assisted suicide.
*Michigan legalized unrestricted destruction of human embryos for research purposes.
*California said no to requiring that minors to obtain parental consent for an abortion.
*Colorado failed to pass an amendment affirming that life begins at conception.
*South Dakota failed for the second time to ban most abortions in the state.

Yes, respect for the value of human life lost ground, but the value of human life itself cannot be diminished, for it comes from God:

*Every human life is created and gifted by God.
*Every human life is someone for whom Jesus Christ paid the price of His blood.
*God desires to call every human life into His Kingdom according to His purpose.
*The objective reality of the God-given value of human life increases the travesty of what we did yesterday, but what we did yesterday does not decrease that reality.

The Good News is that Jesus Christ continues to live and reign to all eternity. God has put all things under His feet. He is in charge of the nations and governments. We trust in Him to use governments according to His will for the sake of His people. But we do not trust in government to restore respect for the value of human life.

That is why Lutherans For Life will continue to assist pastors and congregations to connect the Word of Life to the life issues so that hearts and lives will be changed. That is needed more than ever.

Many Christians, undoubtedly not understanding the full scope of what they were doing, were part of yesterday's collective voice that diminished respect for life. Fear of the economy, fear of pain and suffering, fear of embarrassing and difficult situations overrode their fear of God and trust in His love demonstrated in Jesus.

Ground was lost yesterday.

But Lutherans For Life will continue to move forward striving to do all we can to help Lutheran congregations apply the life-changing message of the Gospel to the life issues.

We will continue to seek to restore respect and reverence for the gift of life within the Church so the Church will once again be part of a collective voice that restores this respect in our country.

Your servant For Life,

Jim Lamb