Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Strategy of Prayer

Above: People from Bound4Life Oregon in the US praying at their State's Supreme Court

For some time, I have been "snooping around" pro-abortion websites to see what their strategies are in advancing their "cause" , to see how we can counter their strategies.

But the Lord showed me that here is the greatest weapon--that no pro-abortion person will ever know or be able to use---the weapon of prayer. When we pray, we are communicating and conversing with the King of Kings, the Alpha and the Omega, the Faithful and True Lamb of God. Psalm 22:28 says that dominion belongs to the Lord and He rules over the nations. Psalm 94:2 says that God is the judge of the earth. Pro-abortion persons think the way they think because they don't believe in God or they outright hate Him. But whether they believe in Him or not does not change the fact that God exists, that He rules over the nations, and that He is the judge of the earth whom everyone will face and who will one day judge everyone on earth.

In 2 Kings 6:17, Elisha asked God to open the eyes of his servant--that His servant could see the multitude of fiery horses and chariots of the Lord fighting for them. And this was just two people! (Think of it, before the servant's eyes were opened, it was just ONE person, Elisha, who saw the fiery army of God!) May we always see the fiery armies around us everytime we pray the will of God! And may we always pray militantly!

When you are the Lord's bondservant, the Lord gives you the keys to the kingdom of heaven--what you bind is bound, what you loose is loosed(Matt.16:19) can call things that are not as though they were(Romans 4:17). You can pray God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.(Matt. 6:10)

This strategy of prayer can never be equalled. Why? Because it is from God, who made the heaven and the earth. When you pray God's heart, or when the Holy Spirit shows you God's heart and you pray for His heart and will to be done, you are walking in all the power of God! What's more, Colossians 2:3 says that in the Lord Jesus are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. If we remain in Christ, all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are available to us. The Holy Spirit tells us what to pray for and what to do.All the knowledge, wisdom and strategy we need for the pro-life ministry God has given are in the Lord Jesus! Thanks be to God!