Friday, October 30, 2009

From Pro-Life Philippines Foundation Inc.: Open Letter to the Congressmen of the Republic of the Philippines

To: Congress of the Philippines.

We strongly oppose the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill (HB5043 for
the following reasons:

1. AS EMPLOYERS, we do not want to be compelled to provide free
reproductive health care services, supplies, devices and surgical
procedures (including vasectomy and ligation) to our employees, and be
subjected to both imprisonment and/or a fine, for every time that we fail
to comply. (Section 17 states that employers shall provide for free
delivery of reproductive health care services, supplies and devices to all
workers more particularly women workers. (Definition of Reproductive
Health and Rights Section 4, paragraph g, Section 21, Paragraph c and
Section 22 on Penalties)

2. AS HEALTH CARE SERVICE PROVIDERS, we do not want to be subjected to
imprisonment and/or a fine, if we fail to provide reproductive health care
services such as giving information on family planning methods and
providing services like ligation and vasectomy, regardless of the
patient's civil status, gender, religion or age (Section 21 on Prohibited
Acts, Letter a, Paragraphs 1 to 5 and Section 22 on Penalties)

3. AS SPOUSES, we do not agree that our husband or wife can undergo a
ligation or vasectomy without our consent or knowledge. (Section 21 on
Prohibited Acts, Letter a, Paragraph 2)

4. AS PARENTS, we do not agree that children from age 10 to 17 should be
taught their sexual rights and the means to have a satisfying and "safe"
sex life as part of their school curriculum. (Section 12 on Reproductive
Health Education and Section 4 Definition of Family Planning and
Productive Health, Paragraph b, c and d)

5. AS CITIZENS, we do not want to be subjected to imprisonment and/or pay
a fine, for expressing an opinion against any provision of this law, if
such expression of opinion is interpreted as constituting "malicious
disinformation" (Section 21 on Prohibited Acts, Paragraph f and Section 22
on Penalties)

6. We also oppose other provisions such as losing our parental authority
over a minor child who was raped and found pregnant (Section 21, a, no.3)

7. We also do not agree to the provision which reclassifies contraceptives
as essential medicines (Section 10) and appropriating limited government
funds to reproductive services instead of basic services (Section 23)

Thus, we urge you to immediately stop deliberations on the bill and stop
wasting taxpayers money.