Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Stand on the RH Bill

Christian Pro-life Resources for the Philippines

Our Stand on the RH Bill

1. We do not want the RH Bill to be passed because it condones abortion. The RH bill has provisions for “management of post-abortion complications”. People who have committed the crime of abortion /killed their own children through abortion should be held accountable. Abortion is murder of the unborn child. The law itself , The Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, and their consciences judge them, not the health professionals. Abortion is a crime in the Philippines and it should always be. The RH bill propagandists say there is nothing about legalizing abortion in the RH bill but clearly, it condones abortion through requiring “management of post-abortion complications”. What about “care” for the aborted child who was not allowed to live? It would be too late to care for them now. Right now, hospitals already care for women who abort their children. Why put it into law when it is already being done?

2. We do not want the RH bill to be passed because it will institutionalize distribution of contraceptives through the government. As a congressman has said, there is already freedom of choice now. The RH bill will only be a conduit and springboard for government-backed purchases of contraceptives amounting to millions of US dollars.

3. We do not want the RH bill to be passed because certain contraceptives are abortifacient, or abortion-causing. They cause early abortion of an embryo or fetus. Since life begins at conception, then terminating an embryo by preventing it from implanting is killing an unborn child. Christian doctrine does not go against using condoms, since no embryo is formed when condoms are used. But intrauterine devices prevent implantation of embryos. Some birth control pills and “emergency contraceptives” prevent implantation of formed embryos. We are against all forms of abortifacient contraceptives that cause early abortions of embryos by preventing implantation.

4. We do not want the RH bill to be passed because it will penalize anyone who will “knowingly withhold information or impede the dissemination thereof, and/or intentionally provide incorrect information regarding programs and services on reproductive health.” That is not democratic at all. Getting imprisoned for something one disagrees on. So much for “freedom of choice” and freedom of speech. We stand with the Catholics who are being maligned for rejecting the contents of the RH bill because it is against their Church doctrines.

5. We do not want the RH bill to be passed because it mandates reproductive health education in schools from Grade 5 up, which includes discussions on sexuality, sexual behaviour and sexual health. The content of such educational materials may be objectionable to Christian doctrine and against the teachings of the Bible on sexuality and morality, which is unacceptable to Christians and must not be allowed to be taught to our children.