Monday, August 8, 2011

More Pictures: Harm from IUDs to Embryos and to Women

IUDs (intrauterine devices)have been shown "to have pre-fertilization and POST-FERTILIZATION mechanisms of action",which make them unacceptable to Christians who believe that God created life starting at conception/fertilization.(from Mechanisms of action of intrauterine devices: update and estimation of postfertilization effects. Am J Obstet Gynecol.  2002; 187(6):1699-708 Stanford JB; Mikolajczyk RT)

Well, more than being able to prevent embryos from implanting in their mothers' wombs, IUDs have been found to cause harm to women. A hard object does not belong inside a soft body! 

To women: if you are a Christian, don't have an IUD placed. IUDs can prevent implantation of an embryo that God has made in His image, and an IUD can damage your body. If you are not a Christian, I hope these images discourage you from having one placed. Your doctor should show you these pictures even before he/she suggests IUD placement.

Here are pictures from recent medical journal articles that show IUDs stuck in organs outside the uterus--which means that the IUDs perforated the uterus first THEN proceeded to puncture/damage other organs of the body.

Xray :bladder stones with an IUD inside from Archivos Españoles de Urologia, 61, 5 (640-643), 2008
Bladder stones removed from the body: with an IUD trapped inside the stones
from Archivos Españoles de Urologia, 61, 5 (640-643), 2008

IUD in foreign body granuloma
from Journal of Medical Case Reports
 2009, 3:7007

Xray: large bladder stones with an IUD inside
Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod 1999: 28, 162-164

Removed from the body: large bladder stones with an IUD inside
Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod 1999: 28, 162-164
Removed from the body:
IUD stuck in appendix and
mesoappendix (body tissue attaching the appendix to the intestine) from 
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia vol.40 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2003
Xray of giant vaginal stone with embedded IUD
 from Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
 2001 Oct;94(10):522-3.

Removed from the body:
Giant vaginal stone with embedded IUD
from Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
 2001 Oct;94(10):522-3.

(a) Intra-operative photograph showing migratory
Saf-T-Coil” IUCD, with each arm wrapped around a loop of mid ileum.
(b) Operative note depicting configuration of “Saf-T-Coil” IUCD causing closed loop bowel obstruction.
(c) Resected specimen-ischaemic loop of small bowel.
(d) Obstructing “Saf-T-Coil” IUCD removed from abdomen.
Pictures and captions above from 
Case Report Med. 2010; 2010: 740642. 
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Pampers-for every little miracle" --beautiful video

Every child is precious, because she is made in God's image. Whether she has special needs, many needs, "unwanted" or "mistimed",conceived or fertilized through IVF or not, adopted, born fullterm or premature, born to a teenage mom, she is still precious because her value comes from the One who made her- God.

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Dear Mama" : a poem by John Juat (letter from an unborn baby to his mom)

Dear Mama
By: John B. Juat

Dear Mama, do you hear me whisper?
I’m calling you from within “mother, mother”.
Can you understand me? I really wonder.
Listen for a while, mom, I don’t mean to bother.

Dear Mama, I want to learn to crawl, sit and stand
I want to learn to walk as you guide me by the hand
I want you bathe me, tickle me, hug me, and let me understand
That you’ll love and guide me by your loving hand

Dear Mama, I want to become a baby.
I want to learn to count from one to three
I want to learn the alphabet from A to Z
I want to see you smile each time I say “mommy”

Dear Mama, I want to be able to study in school
There I can meet and play with friends. Isn’t that cool?
I want my knowledge to be like water in a swimming pool
I want to be able to proudly tell you, “Mom, you rule!”

Dear Mama, I want to spend a lot of time with the friends I meet
I want to go to the mall to shop, watch a movie and grab a bite to eat
I want to be responsible and independent; I want to stand on my 2 feet
And by the time I’m 18, I already want to be in the driver seat

Dear Mama, I want to finish my college education
I want you to wear my medal on stage upon my graduation
I want to let you know it’s worth paying for my tuition
Because I will have what it takes to fulfill my dream, my mission

Dear Mama, I want to find work and earn enough money
So that someday I can be able to support a family
I also want to be a responsible citizen and give back to the community
And help in whatever way I can to alleviate poverty

Dear Mama, after long years of being blessed with a special friendship
And after a few years of knowing my possible partner in courtship
I now want to be able to have a romantic relationship
Where together with my dearest love, we’ll endure every kind of hardship

Dear mama, i want to start and support my own family,
And raise up well the children God will grant me.
I wish to generate life as to share with them true charity.
Bonded in unity and love, our family will surely be happy

Dear Mama, when my time has come, I want to see Jesus face to face
And forever I will be happy in this peaceful and glorious place
I want to join the company of angels in singing songs of praise
And simply take my rest for all eternity enjoying His loving embrace

You see, mama, there’s a lot of things that I want to do
My entire future is in your hands, it’s all up to you
Let me be your choice mama, show that your love for me is true.
So that someday all my dreams could come true.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"The value of human life comes from the One who made it"-Rev.Dr. James I. Lamb, Lutherans for Life

10 week old baby in the womb whose mom needed to have a hysterectomy

“Every human life has value. That value does not come from its usefulness or how it looks or how big or healthy or productive it is … The value of human life comes from the One who made it, who bought it back, and who desires to call every life for His eternal purpose. The embryo in the Petri dish, the baby in the womb, baby Sally in the neonatal intensive care unit, Uncle Ralph in the Alzheimer’s unit, grandma in the nursing home bed, you and me—we all have value because of what God has done.”-Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans For Life

Friday, April 15, 2011

Video:"Thoughts of A Troubled Mother" together w/ "Reply of the Unborn" - please watch til the end

"Mama, I do not need power, fame and abundant money
Love me wholeheartedly, mama, it's enough for me"

Thoughts of a Troubled Mother
By: John B. Juat

This pregnancy is giving me so much stress
I've made a mistake; I've made a huge mess
Since I'm not ready to suffer the consequences
To abort my child is the only option, I guess

It's my body, it's my life, I should be free to choose
People may not agree, but I have my own views
If I take away the life of an unborn, what is there to lose?
I believe that not being ready is a reasonable excuse

It's okay if my own child I decide to kill
Anyway each of us are given free will
At least I'll have one less obligation to fulfill
At least I'll have one less mouth to fill

This has been such a huge burden on me
If i continue this, I will no long be so happy
Sickness, weakening, discomfort brought about my pregnancy
If i continue this, I will no long be free

It will be pointless to let my child live
Because there is absolutely nothing i can possibly give

Reply to Thoughts of a Troubled Mother
By: John B. Juat

Dearest mama, I'm sad to see you so troubled because of me
But I hope you will allow me to see the earth's beauty
Please mama, take me home, and let me be a part of your family
Where I will experience abundant joy, love, and harmony

Choose me, mama; allow me to grow in your womb
Nourish me with love; please don't let this be my tomb
You may be scared and worried, I can easily assume
But let me live, mama, in this world there's so much room!

I am precious and beautiful; I am not filthy mud
I am meant to be this perfectly bloomed rose, though I'm still a bud
What don't you understand, mama? I am more than just blood
I am already being formed in the image of our Loving God

Let me live even if there are countless worries, it may seem
Let your love flow to me like a free-flowing stream
I have so much potential in me, I am capable of living my dream
So open your heart, open your ears, mama; listen to my silent scream

Listen to me carefully, mama, please hear my plea
Accept me, love me, and respect my dignity
Ask for guidance, mama, that you will clearly see
I am meant to be with my Creator someday for all eternity

Mama, I hope you understand how much I love you
It's an immeasurable kind of love that i assure you is true
I am a treasure, a gift, a blessing; I will make your life new
Please give me this chance, mama; I hope you love me too

Mama, I do not need power, fame and abundant money
Love me wholeheartedly, mama, it's enough for me

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hindi Dugo Lamang

Sila'y mga sanggol, hindi dugo lamang. This is a six-week old aborted baby. Created in the image of God. Mercilessly killed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Asin at Ilaw Lesson 161 - Say No To Abortion

Panoorin ang video na ito. May teaching ukol sa "Say No to Abortion" atsaka may interview ukol sa mga karaniwang tanong ukol sa abortion. Sa wikang Filipino.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"You Named Me No One"

May our country never develop the collective blindness to the humanity of the unborn, a blindness that is so prevalent in Western countries. Every child, born and unborn, is made in the image of our Almighty God and deserves to live. Abortion is never an act of compassion because it mercilessly kills the unborn child. As someone once said, "Abortion is violence masquerading as compassion."

We reject the RH bill because it disregards the aborted babies' lives through its 10th guiding principle and its 3rd element of reproductive health,"the management of post-abortion complications." What about the unborn babies who are mercilessly killed through abortion?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Unborn Baby says: "What about MY "post-abortion" complications?

The RH bill lists as the third element of reproductive health care the “proscription of abortion and management of abortion complications”, and in Sec. 3, it lists “care for post-abortion complications for women” as its 9th Guiding Principle.This “management of post-abortion complications” phrase is the most horrible part of the RH bill because of its utter disregard for the aborted baby’s life. And though the bill proscribes or prohibits abortion, it actually makes “management of post-abortion complications” a reproductive right. Therefore, if the bill becomes law, any one can abort/kill their baby and they will be guaranteed the right to “management of post-abortion complications”.

Why not just make it a more general “provision of emergency obstetric care to everyone who needs it”? We agree that any patient, woman or man, must always be treated compassionately and humanely whether or not he or she has committed a crime. But in this bill, the very fact that abortion is specified as the cause of the complication means that the RH bill condones abortion and gives it special treatment. Anyone who does an illegal , criminal abortion of their baby will be protected by the RH bill once it is a law. Abortion is murder of the unborn baby and a grievous sin before God. It is the shedding of innocent blood. It is a crime under Philippine laws. The “complication” of an abortion to a baby is death. Death of a baby cannot be undone, unlike post-abortion complications in women which can be managed. Abortion hurts women, and it kills children. “Management of abortion complications” must not be in the RH bill! NO to the RH BILL!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mga Karaniwang Tanong Ukol sa Abortion: Isang Q&A

1. Ano pa po ba ang ibang reasons kung bakit naiisip or nai-co-consider ng ilang kababaihan ang abortion?

Ang abortion o pagpapalaglag ay pinagiisipan o ginagawa kapag nabuntis ang isang babae. Maaaring ang babae mismo, ang kanyang magulang, o ang kanyang asawa o boyfriend ang may gusto ng abortion. ANg mga karaniwang dahilan ay
1)kapag ang pagdadalantao ay magiging malaking balakid sa pag-aaral o trabaho. Madedelay ang paggraduate o matatanggal sa trabaho
2) ang bata ay magiging isang napakalaking financial burden na panghabangbuhay .
3)matinding hiya sa pamilya o sa babae.
4)kung may abnormality o sakit ang bata, katulad ng Down syndrome, lalo na sa ibang bansa.
5)minsan, ito na ang ginagawang birth control ng iilang babae

2. Meron po ba talagang “justified” na abortion, e.g. rape victim at ang perpetrator ay sariling ama? Sa mga ganitong situation, ano ang maaaring gawin?

Bago natin sagutin kung mayroong justified na abortion, alamin natin kung kailan nag-uumpisa ang buhay ng isang tao.Ayon sa medisina at sa agham, ang Buhay ng isang tao ay nagsisimula sa moment ng conception o kung kailan nagme-meet ang egg at sperm. Sa sandaling iyon, may isang bagong buhay na nagsisimula. Lahat tayong nabubuhay sa mundo, ganoon nagsimula ang buhay. Kung ang buhay ay nagsisimula sa conception, e di ang pagkikil o pagtigil ng buhay ng isang bata pagkatapos ng conception ay pagpatay ng isang tao.

Justified ba ang pagpatay ng isang tao dahil pahirap siya at magdadala siya ng matinding kahihiyan? Hindi po, diba? Sa mga cases katulad ng rape, hindi po kasalanan ng bata na siya’y nabuo, kaya hindi dapat siya ang parusahan sa pangyayari. Mahirap ang sitwasyon ng babae pero hindi pagpatay ng inosenteng bata ang solusyon. Bigyan natin ang babae ng ibang options katulad ng adoption after birth.

May kilala akong babaeng katulong na nirape ng kanyang amo, ngunit hindi niya pina-abort ang kanyang baby. Kahit ang perpetrator ay ang sariling ama ng isang babae, ganoon din. Hindi dapat parusahan ang inosenteng bata sa krimen ng ama. Hindi dapat abortion ang ibigay na solusyon sa isang mahirap na sitwasyon. Kailanman, hindi justified ang pagpatay ng tao para maging solusyon sa isang matinding problema. Puwede ding ibigay ang option na ipa-adopt ang bata.

May mga kilala akong teenager, siya ay produkto ng pagrape sa kanyang ina. Bagamat nahirapan ang kanyang ina dahil sa pangyayari, ang kanyang tiyahin ang nag-adopt sa kanya at minahal siya na parang sariling anak. Nag-aaral siya ngayon at nagsisilbi sa Panginoon. Mayroon siyang magandang kinabukasan ngayon. Dapat ba siyang pinatay? Hindi po diba?

3. What does abortion do to a woman inside? Ano po ba ang epekto ng abortion sa isang babae, lalo na kung siya ay bata pa? Paano po yung mga determined at decided na magpa-abort para lamang hindi masira ang kanilang career at sinasabing masaya sila sa kanilang decision?

May emotional at physical na epekto ang pagpapalaglag. sa emotional, nagdadala ang abortion ng matinding emotional burden. Dahil ito sa guilt. Bakit may guilt? Dahil alam ng babae na pumatay siya ng anak niya. Karaniwang ginagawang pang-alis o pambawas ng “guilt” ay ang pagsabi na “dugo lang” ang isang bata. Ito ay isang pagkukumbinsi lang sa sarili, na hindi tao ang kanyang pinatay, pero “dugo lang” na tinanggal. Ngunit hindi dugo lang ang bata. Isa siyang taong nilikha ng Diyos. Matindi ang guilt sa abortion dahil alam ng ina na nawalan ng buhay ang isang bata. Bakit hindi tayo naguiguilty pag nagpapaalis ng nunal, apdo o appendix? Dahil ang mga ito ay bahagi lamang ng ating katawan. Subalit ang baby sa sinapupunan ay tao, iba sa sarili nating katawan. Ang guilt na dala ng abortion ay nakapagdadala ng mas matinding epekto, gaya ng psychiatric problems, depression and suicide, anger and aggression.

Sa physical na epekto, siyempre, ang pag-iinom ng pang-abort ay puwedeng magdala ng matinding bleeding sa matris na puwedeng ikamatay, ,at life-threatening infection ng dugo, o septicemia. Ang pagsasailalim sa abortion ay puwedeng magdala ng komplikasyon katulad ng pagkabutas ng matris, o pagnipis ng matris, at infertility. Hindi kasi natural ang abortion. Ang natural na proseso ay ang maipanganak ang bata.

Sa mga determined at decided na mag-abort, maco-counselan natin sila , pero tanging ang Diyos ang puwedeng mangusap sa kanilang mga puso. Kailangang gamitin natin ang walang kapantay na weapon laban sa abortion, ang weapon of prayer. Puwedeng mangusap ang Lord sa puso ng babae, sa parents, o sa asawa. May nagkuwento sa akin, pinipilit siyang painumin ng asawa niya ng pampalaglag, isinusubo na sa kanya ang gamot. Idinura niya ang gamot at tinapon. Noong lumabas ang asawa niya sa bahay para bumili pa ng gamot, naaksidente ang sasakyan ng asawa.Napaiyak ang asawa at nagbago ang isip. Parang naging senyales mula sa Panginoon ang aksidente.

4. Aside from saying that abortion is murder, paano pa ba pwedeng i-convince ang isang tao na huwag na magpa-abort? How can we give hope to those who are victims? At kung mga career women naman sila, paano natin sila mapipigilan sa kanilang decision?

Maraming ways to convince or counsel a woman na hindi magpa-abort.
Para sa akin, ang isang magandang pang-convince sa isang babae na huwag magpa-abort ay ang pagpapaunawa sa kanya na hindi dugo lamang ngunit sanggol na buhay, may tumitibok na puso, katawan, kamay, paa, ang kanyang pinagbubuntis. Tulungan ang babae na mahalin ang kanyang anak, bigyan siya ng sense of purpose and destiny. Tulungan siya ng isipin din ang purpose at destiny ng kanyang sanggol.

Dito makatutulong ang pagpakita ng fetal models . Puwede rin magpakita ng intrauterine photographs o mga litrato ng bata sa loob ng sinapupunan. Kung may ultrasound machine, mas maganda, at 7 to 8 weeks may heartbeat na ang baby na nakikita sa ultrasound. Ang ultrasound image ay nakakapag-iba ng damdamin ng ina.

Pangalawa, ang pagbigay ng maraming option sa babaeng buntis, na hindi kasama ang abortion sa options. Kung ayaw niyang alagaan at palakihin ang bata, ipa-adopt na lang ang bata. Kung pinalayas siya ng magulang niya, hanapan siya ng tirahan. Puwede ring tulungan ang babae na makipag-usap sa magulang para lumawak ang pag-unawa nila sa anak nila. May mga homes for pregnant women tulad ng Nor-Fil foundation na puwedeng pagreferan. Bigyan natin sila ng pag-asa sa oras ng kagipitan.

Kung career women, ganoon din ang pag-advise. Kung magkakaroon ang babae ng sense of purpose para sa kanyang anak, at makakadevelop siya ng pagmamahal sa kanyang sanggol, whether or not career woman siya, haharapin niya ang lahat dahil sa pagmamahal sa kanyang sanggol.

Kung naaalangan kang magcounsel puwede ring irefer ang babae sa mga counselors ng Pro-life Philippines, isang pro-life organization na may cellphone hotline at landlines para sa counselling ng mga buntis na nababagabag.

5. Ano ang maaaring gawin ng mga magulang kung malalaman nilang ang kanilang anak ay nagdadalantao?

Madalas nakikita natin sa pelikula o sa telenovela ang babaeng naduduwal sa may kusina, tapos nakita siya ng kanyang ama at ina, tapos sisigawan ang babae, papagalitan at sasampalin. Maaaring sa totoong buhay hindi ganito ka-dramatic ang eksena pero ang puwedeng mangyari ay mabisto ang anak o aaminin ng anak ang pagbubuntis sa mga magulang. Either way mahirap na balita ito sa isang magulang. Ang importante ay mag-isip nang malinaw ang magulang.

Una, tanggapin ang balita nang mahinahon. Huwag magpadalos-dalos sa salita. Ang pagpapalayas o pag-disown ng anak ay nagdadala ng matinding sama ng loob sa lahat.

Pangalawa, isipin na napakahirap para sa anak mo ang aminin na siya ay buntis. Inaasaahan niya ang iyong pag-iintindi at pagmamahal. Sa oras na ito, kailangan nila ng mercy, hindi judgment.

Pangatlo, hindi palaging solusyon ang pagpapakasal. Huwag mamilit na ikasal ang anak.

Pang-apat, huwag mong gawing option na ipa-abort ang apo mo dahil sa kahihiyan. Minsan masyado nating iniisip ang sasabihin ng iba. Huwag nang isipin ang sasabihin ng iba. Mas mabuti nang pag-usapan ka kaysa pumatay ka o naging taga-udyok ka sa pagpatay ng inosenteng batang walang kasalanan. Kahit ano pa ang posisyon mo, o gaano ka man kasikat o kilala, hindi ito mas importante sa anak mo o sa buhay ng apo mo.

6. Finally, ano po ang maaaring gawin ng mga magulang para maiwasan na rin ang unwanted pregnancy, and therefore maiwasan na rin ang abortion sa mga kabataan?

Ang maaaring gawin ng magulang ay i-educate ang anak nila ukol sa moral sexual relations at ang mga consequences ng immoral sexual relations, ayon sa Salita ng Diyos. Turuan din ang inyong anak tungkol sa pagbubuntis at sa katauhan ng sanggol sa sinapupunan. Ang pagbubuntis kasi ay hindi kasalanan. Ang pagkakasala ay ang sexual relations outside of marriage. Ang pagbubuntis ay isang natural consequence ng sexual act, whether or not married ang isang tao. Ang sanggol ay walang kasalanan, at hindi siya dapat ang “alisin” o “mawala” sa pamamagitan ng pagpatay o abortion. Turuan ang anak na ang abortion ay hindi option kapag siya ay nabuntis o nakabuntis.

Ang pagsupport o pag-release din sa pagpapakasal ng anak, na nasa tamang gulang, kaysa pagpigil nito ay importante. May magulang na ayaw ipakasal ang anak agad dahil sa demands nila sa anak, kaya ang anak ay nasasabik sa kanyang nobyo o nobya at nauuwi sa premarital sexual relations.

Nandyan din ang disiplina sa mga anak upang maiwasan ang premarital sexual relations: curfew, gabay sa pagpili ng kaibigan, pag-gabay at pag-monitor ng pinapanood na sine, palabas, o video, pag-monitor ng websites na tinitingnan, pag-monitor ng binabasang libro, magasin at komiks. Ang pag-iwas sa alak at droga ay importante ding ituro dahil ang alcohol pag napadami ay nakakaalis na ng sense of judgment at nawawalan na ng inhibitions. Sa droga lalo na.