Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Unborn Baby says: "What about MY "post-abortion" complications?

The RH bill lists as the third element of reproductive health care the “proscription of abortion and management of abortion complications”, and in Sec. 3, it lists “care for post-abortion complications for women” as its 9th Guiding Principle.This “management of post-abortion complications” phrase is the most horrible part of the RH bill because of its utter disregard for the aborted baby’s life. And though the bill proscribes or prohibits abortion, it actually makes “management of post-abortion complications” a reproductive right. Therefore, if the bill becomes law, any one can abort/kill their baby and they will be guaranteed the right to “management of post-abortion complications”.

Why not just make it a more general “provision of emergency obstetric care to everyone who needs it”? We agree that any patient, woman or man, must always be treated compassionately and humanely whether or not he or she has committed a crime. But in this bill, the very fact that abortion is specified as the cause of the complication means that the RH bill condones abortion and gives it special treatment. Anyone who does an illegal , criminal abortion of their baby will be protected by the RH bill once it is a law. Abortion is murder of the unborn baby and a grievous sin before God. It is the shedding of innocent blood. It is a crime under Philippine laws. The “complication” of an abortion to a baby is death. Death of a baby cannot be undone, unlike post-abortion complications in women which can be managed. Abortion hurts women, and it kills children. “Management of abortion complications” must not be in the RH bill! NO to the RH BILL!