Friday, April 22, 2011

"Dear Mama" : a poem by John Juat (letter from an unborn baby to his mom)

Dear Mama
By: John B. Juat

Dear Mama, do you hear me whisper?
I’m calling you from within “mother, mother”.
Can you understand me? I really wonder.
Listen for a while, mom, I don’t mean to bother.

Dear Mama, I want to learn to crawl, sit and stand
I want to learn to walk as you guide me by the hand
I want you bathe me, tickle me, hug me, and let me understand
That you’ll love and guide me by your loving hand

Dear Mama, I want to become a baby.
I want to learn to count from one to three
I want to learn the alphabet from A to Z
I want to see you smile each time I say “mommy”

Dear Mama, I want to be able to study in school
There I can meet and play with friends. Isn’t that cool?
I want my knowledge to be like water in a swimming pool
I want to be able to proudly tell you, “Mom, you rule!”

Dear Mama, I want to spend a lot of time with the friends I meet
I want to go to the mall to shop, watch a movie and grab a bite to eat
I want to be responsible and independent; I want to stand on my 2 feet
And by the time I’m 18, I already want to be in the driver seat

Dear Mama, I want to finish my college education
I want you to wear my medal on stage upon my graduation
I want to let you know it’s worth paying for my tuition
Because I will have what it takes to fulfill my dream, my mission

Dear Mama, I want to find work and earn enough money
So that someday I can be able to support a family
I also want to be a responsible citizen and give back to the community
And help in whatever way I can to alleviate poverty

Dear Mama, after long years of being blessed with a special friendship
And after a few years of knowing my possible partner in courtship
I now want to be able to have a romantic relationship
Where together with my dearest love, we’ll endure every kind of hardship

Dear mama, i want to start and support my own family,
And raise up well the children God will grant me.
I wish to generate life as to share with them true charity.
Bonded in unity and love, our family will surely be happy

Dear Mama, when my time has come, I want to see Jesus face to face
And forever I will be happy in this peaceful and glorious place
I want to join the company of angels in singing songs of praise
And simply take my rest for all eternity enjoying His loving embrace

You see, mama, there’s a lot of things that I want to do
My entire future is in your hands, it’s all up to you
Let me be your choice mama, show that your love for me is true.
So that someday all my dreams could come true.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"The value of human life comes from the One who made it"-Rev.Dr. James I. Lamb, Lutherans for Life

10 week old baby in the womb whose mom needed to have a hysterectomy

“Every human life has value. That value does not come from its usefulness or how it looks or how big or healthy or productive it is … The value of human life comes from the One who made it, who bought it back, and who desires to call every life for His eternal purpose. The embryo in the Petri dish, the baby in the womb, baby Sally in the neonatal intensive care unit, Uncle Ralph in the Alzheimer’s unit, grandma in the nursing home bed, you and me—we all have value because of what God has done.”-Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans For Life

Friday, April 15, 2011

Video:"Thoughts of A Troubled Mother" together w/ "Reply of the Unborn" - please watch til the end

"Mama, I do not need power, fame and abundant money
Love me wholeheartedly, mama, it's enough for me"

Thoughts of a Troubled Mother
By: John B. Juat

This pregnancy is giving me so much stress
I've made a mistake; I've made a huge mess
Since I'm not ready to suffer the consequences
To abort my child is the only option, I guess

It's my body, it's my life, I should be free to choose
People may not agree, but I have my own views
If I take away the life of an unborn, what is there to lose?
I believe that not being ready is a reasonable excuse

It's okay if my own child I decide to kill
Anyway each of us are given free will
At least I'll have one less obligation to fulfill
At least I'll have one less mouth to fill

This has been such a huge burden on me
If i continue this, I will no long be so happy
Sickness, weakening, discomfort brought about my pregnancy
If i continue this, I will no long be free

It will be pointless to let my child live
Because there is absolutely nothing i can possibly give

Reply to Thoughts of a Troubled Mother
By: John B. Juat

Dearest mama, I'm sad to see you so troubled because of me
But I hope you will allow me to see the earth's beauty
Please mama, take me home, and let me be a part of your family
Where I will experience abundant joy, love, and harmony

Choose me, mama; allow me to grow in your womb
Nourish me with love; please don't let this be my tomb
You may be scared and worried, I can easily assume
But let me live, mama, in this world there's so much room!

I am precious and beautiful; I am not filthy mud
I am meant to be this perfectly bloomed rose, though I'm still a bud
What don't you understand, mama? I am more than just blood
I am already being formed in the image of our Loving God

Let me live even if there are countless worries, it may seem
Let your love flow to me like a free-flowing stream
I have so much potential in me, I am capable of living my dream
So open your heart, open your ears, mama; listen to my silent scream

Listen to me carefully, mama, please hear my plea
Accept me, love me, and respect my dignity
Ask for guidance, mama, that you will clearly see
I am meant to be with my Creator someday for all eternity

Mama, I hope you understand how much I love you
It's an immeasurable kind of love that i assure you is true
I am a treasure, a gift, a blessing; I will make your life new
Please give me this chance, mama; I hope you love me too

Mama, I do not need power, fame and abundant money
Love me wholeheartedly, mama, it's enough for me

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hindi Dugo Lamang

Sila'y mga sanggol, hindi dugo lamang. This is a six-week old aborted baby. Created in the image of God. Mercilessly killed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Asin at Ilaw Lesson 161 - Say No To Abortion

Panoorin ang video na ito. May teaching ukol sa "Say No to Abortion" atsaka may interview ukol sa mga karaniwang tanong ukol sa abortion. Sa wikang Filipino.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"You Named Me No One"

May our country never develop the collective blindness to the humanity of the unborn, a blindness that is so prevalent in Western countries. Every child, born and unborn, is made in the image of our Almighty God and deserves to live. Abortion is never an act of compassion because it mercilessly kills the unborn child. As someone once said, "Abortion is violence masquerading as compassion."

We reject the RH bill because it disregards the aborted babies' lives through its 10th guiding principle and its 3rd element of reproductive health,"the management of post-abortion complications." What about the unborn babies who are mercilessly killed through abortion?